SSCD is proud to announce the expansion of our service offerings for your family! It has been our privilege to care for your children - and now we are looking to offer something special for our parents. We are pleased to share that we are now offering non-surgical, natural esthetic services for adults. This expansion of our offerings has been driven by feedback from our families - you've shared with us that you have deep trust with us in the care we are offering to your children and are interested in what more we can do for our parents. Our Natural Esthetic services are designed to offer parents solutions that improve your appearance while giving you a natural, refreshed look.

Why Us?

We understand that you have several options to choose from when selecting cosmetic services. Here are some thought as to why we hope you will trust us with your care...

  • Services administered by a highly-qualified ER Physician : We are thrilled to announce that Henry J. Grazioso, MD is joining our staff! Below you will find more information on Dr. Grazioso's background. Dr. Grazioso is an Emergency Room physician with extensive experience in cosmetic facial repair and delicate injection techniques. Unlike other organizations, we are pleased to have a highly qualified MD providing this service to our patients. As you know, SSCD has always embraced the highest standards and quality available, and Dr. Henry Grazioso is exactly that.

  • Highly sterile environment : SSCD has always prided itself on being a highly sterile environment leveraging the most sophisticated sterilization technology and procedures available in the industry. You are accustomed to seeing this in the care we offer to your children and we believe that this service demands nothing less than that. Other cosmetic service providers may look to treat patients in a salon type of environment - our Natural Esthetic services demand that we honor our commitment to your family for the cleanliness, sterility, and lead edge technology that you've always known from SSCD.

  • Convenience : While you are here with your children for their dental care needs, we encourage you to consider making great use of your time here! Located in the same facility as SSCD, we are happy to schedule you for some BOTOX treatment or teeth whitening services while your child is simultaneously being treated! And we promise that we'll keep that secret just between us if you decide to maximize your time during your children(s)' visits.

  • Trust : It is our honor and privilege to treat your children - we have worked hard to earn the trust of your family. We oftentimes hear from Moms and Dads that they wish that they could receive care from our office as well. We are flattered at the trust we share with our families - and we hope that you know we take that very seriously. You know we offer the best care possible for your children - and we hope you know that we will offer nothing but the best care for you Moms and Dads as well.


Henry J. Grazioso, MD

Our services are being offered by an extraordinarily talented ER Physician, Henry J. Grazioso, DMD. Dr. Henry Grazioso is board certified in emergency medicine and is a fellow of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine. He received his medical degree from the University of Connecticut School of Medicine and completed his emergency medicine residency at the Medical College of Pennsylvania.

He has been in continuous practice for more than 20 years. Dr. Henry Grazioso has extensive experience diagnosing and treating craniofacial diseases and trauma. His practice in emergency medicine often involves both cosmetic facial repair and delicate injection techniques. 

Dr. Henry Grazioso holds a certification from the American Academy of Facial Esthetics and is bringing his expertise to South Shore Children’s Dentistry to offer Botox/Xeomin treatments to those interested in non-surgical facial esthetics that create natural looking results. When not practicing medicine, Dr. Grazioso enjoys golfing, skiing, and spending time with his awesome family. As you may have guessed, he is married to our very own Dr. Kristine Grazioso and is the proud dad to their two sons, Alex and Nick.

Natural Esthetic Service Offerings

We are pleased to offer the following services through our Natural Esthetic Offerings:

  • Zoom Teeth Whitening : Teeth whitening lightens teeth and helps to remove stains and discoloration. Whitening is among the most popular cosmetic dental procedures because it can greatly improve how your teeth look. At SSCD we are pleased to offer in-office Philips Zoom professional whitening to both patients (aged 17+) and parents of patients who desire a brighter, whiter smile.

  • Cosmetic Xeomin/Botox Treatments : For adults looking for a refreshed, natural enhancement to their face, you may want to explore Xeomin/Botox treatments. Injection treatments using either Xeomin or Botox, are designed to relax certain muscles in the face to progressively eliminate wrinkles and restore a more youthful, natural look to the face. SSCD is pleased to offer cosmetic treatments using either Xeomin or Botox focusing on the forehead, eyes, and/or lips. We are happy to offer a consultation to give you an idea as to what solution might be best for you.

Please contact our office at (781) 383 0003 and ask to speak to Kaitlyn or Jen to learn more.