A Children's Dentist Near Cohasset or Hingham Explains How to Speak with Your Child

Visit a children's dentist near Cohasset or Hingham to improve your child's oral health. Establishing an early routine of visiting the dentist is critical for the health of your child in the long-term. Many parents realize that the habits that they teach their children and behaviors that they implement at a young age are going to be long-lasting.

With that in mind, we encourage parents to place a high priority on oral health, teeth brushing and visiting the dentist on a regular basis.

How to talk to your child about oral health

As a children's dentist near Cohasset or Hingham, we have several suggestions that make it easier to speak with a child about oral health and explain the benefits of caring for their teeth.

#1. Talk about strong teeth

Parents have been talking about how eating healthy can make a child's muscles strong for decades or even longer. Talking about how muscles can be strong and bodies can grow tall if enough vegetables are eaten and milk is drunk is part of normal conversation.

Use that same argument to talk about developing strong teeth like a tiger or a lion. Young children do best when they can visualize something, plus comparing their teeth to that of a lion is a fun way to start a game of pretending.

#2. Make them a superhero

A child loves to become a superhero in their own story. Make them the superhero that is going to save the day and defend their teeth against the mighty plaque giants that are out to attack. With a toothbrush in their hand and toothpaste at the ready, they can go to battle every morning and night against the plaque that is going to lead to an invasion of the evil cavities.

#3. Place them in the driver's seat

Older children may not be so excited about fighting the evil cavity villains but they do enjoy having control over their own destiny. Talk to your child about how their teeth brushing and eating habits are going to contribute to how their teeth look when they become an adult. If they want to have a beautiful smile that is white, healthy and strong, they need to make positive choices.

Otherwise, they could end up with tooth loss or suffer from oral health problems. When children know that their actions can directly influence their life, they are more likely to take control of the situation.

Bring your child to a children's dentist near Cohasset or Hingham

When children visit our dental office, we work to encourage them to make healthy and positive choices and to reiterate everything that has been taught at home. This is a partnership between the dentist and parents that are incredibly important. With everyone engaged in helping children learn healthy habits, they are more likely to maintain strong and healthy teeth now and as they age.

To learn more or to have your child's teeth cleaned, call our clinic and schedule an appointment.