Back to School with a Hingham or Cohasset Pediatric Dentist

August 31, 2017
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With school right around the corner, it is the perfect time to visit a Hingham or Cohasset pediatric dentist. Visiting the dentist either before school starts or immediately after is a wise idea because it ensures that a child does not have any cavities or oral health problems when starting school. Tooth decay is so common that it frequently causes children to miss time from school.

Even teeth cleanings can take time away from school. While scheduling the appointment during the summer is easier for both parents and children, it may not always work. We are currently accepting new patient appointments and encourage parents to call and schedule one as soon as possible.

What happens during a visit to a Hingham or Cohasset pediatric dentist

During these appointments, we begin by conducting an examination. During the exam, we look at each of the teeth in a child's mouth and the gums. We are checking for soft spots that may be an indication of a cavity forming. We also look to make sure that their gums are healthy and that there are no signs of gum disease. If it is a new patient appointment, we may also take X-rays. Occasionally, we need to take X-rays to treat a dental infection or a large cavity.

Afterward, we will thoroughly clean a child's teeth. We can do this by using an abrasive paste and a rotating dental tool. Having a child's teeth cleaned regularly will help their teeth to look bright and shiny so this is important both for health and for appearance. If a child does have any cavities or is suffering from an oral health problem, we will address it immediately.

This is critical for oral health because if tooth decay is allowed to remain in the mouth, it is going to spread. This can create a situation where a child who once had a small cavity suddenly needs an emergency procedure, a root canal or an extraction. Prevention, early detection, and early treatment are a better way to address oral health.

How we can help your child

We can also provide your child with some preventative treatment solutions that work to reduce the likelihood of cavities forming. This includes the application of fluoride. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that strengthens teeth and reduces the likelihood of cavities forming. Fluoride helps teeth fight off the acid attacks that come from plaque secretion.

We can also reduce the likelihood of cavities by applying dental sealant to the chewing surfaces of back teeth. Working as a protective barrier, sealant keeps food and plaque off of this portion of the teeth to reduce the chance of cavities.

Schedule an appointment

Make an appointment to visit our clinic and see a Hingham or Cohasset pediatric dentist. We can partner with you to improve your child's oral health and to ensure that they do not have any dental problems when they start school this year.