Bring Your Child to the Best Pediatric Dentist in Town

May 11, 2016
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As a children's dentist, we always strive to be the best pediatric dentist we can be. This means embracing the idea that we have a million jobs do when it comes to caring for your children. One of the best practices is to encourage your children to create a routine where they come to our dentist office at least twice a year to make sure their teeth are in the best condition they possibly can be. This encompasses a number of things. First, this creates a routine your child becomes accustomed to. We have found that people who establish a routine with a pediatric dentist very early continue to keep this practice through most of their life. While 83 percent of American children under the age of 12 have visited the dentist at least once in the last year, this number drops sharply as we get into adolescence and even more so as we get into adults.

As the best pediatric dentist in town, one of our primary goals is to make sure that we take care of your children's teeth so they do not have problems that lead to invasive procedures, which can cause them to have dental fear. Quite frankly, the easiest way to accomplish this is to make sure we're seeing your children on a regular basis. We recommend that your children come in at least twice a year to see the dentist. While they are here, we will clean the teeth, take x-rays if necessary, and make sure they leave with a fun toothbrush they will want to use, instead of arguing with you about their oral health routines every night. From the perspective of a best pediatric dentist, this is simply a way for us to insert ourselves into the conversation, educating your children about the importance of good oral hygiene, creating good habits with your help, and catching any problems that may occur long before they become serious.

On a more serious note, as the best pediatric dentist in the area, we know that up to 24 percent of children will have cavities in their teeth by the time they hit the age of six. This is because of the overuse of sugar in society, which has led to serious dental care problems in many children. However, the problem gets even more serious when children hit adolescence, with numbers as high as three in five children not getting proper treatment for cavities. When it comes to best practices, there's really nothing as important as making sure we have the ability to inspect your children's teeth on a regular basis. This allows us to look for things like soft spots, which can evolve into cavities, and help with a treatment plan that avoids problems that could require invasive and difficult remedies. The faster we can catch a problem in a child's mouth, which is still growing and developing, the easier it is to solve.

If you are looking for a new pediatric dentist, we encourage you to call our office and schedule an appointment right away.