Dental Services Offered By a Pediatric Dentist

July 05, 2017
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When you bring your child to our pediatric dentist office we can help with a variety of oral health and development topics. We focus on caring for children and, as such, we provide all the dental services that one typically needs in order to restore and remain in good oral health. Each child is different and so, we can create a customized treatment plan for the current health problems that they are facing. This may include a variety of solutions. As part of our preventative focus, we put a high priority on ensuring that your child's teeth are properly cleaned and we work to prevent decay and infections from forming.

This may include a variety of solutions. However, if there is no immediate threat to the child's oral health, we will still continue to clean their teeth and work to prevent decay and infections from forming. The services we offer in our pediatric dentist office include:

#1. Teeth cleaning

It is wise for a child and an adult to visit the dentist twice a year for teeth cleanings. It is difficult to remove all of the plaque and tartar at home. Even careful brushing can still lead to the buildup of plaque between teeth. We remove plaque on a regular basis. Doing so will reduce the likelihood of a child developing a cavity or gum disease.

#2. Dental sealants

A child is at risk of getting cavities when the ridges on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth are deep. We use a white material that we brush. We use a clear plastic-like substance and place it onto the surface of the teeth. This substance prevents the ridges from trapping food when the child eats.

Dental sealants also prevent the buildup of plaque in those areas. As such, dental sealants greatly reduce the likelihood of developing a cavity.

#3. Tooth-colored fillings

When a child gets a cavity, it is critical to remove the area of decay and then fill the tooth. We offer tooth colored fillings as a way to restore the health and structure of a tooth without it being noticeable. This is ideal for children since tooth-colored fillings are not obvious or very noticeable. The tooth-colored fillings blend in so well that most people cannot remember which teeth they ever had a filling in.

#4. Restorations

As a pediatric dentist, we understand that children are likely to damage their teeth at some point. This can happen as a child falls on the playground, is playing a little too rough with friends or even bites on something that is too hard for their teeth. The result can be a cracked or chipped tooth that requires a dental restoration.

We have multiple ways of restoring teeth but one of the most common is dental bonding. In this scenario, we apply bonding material to the tooth, shape it into place and let it harden. It will blend in completely and this is a fast and non-invasive procedure so children typically do not mind it. We also offer dental crowns.

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These are just a few of the services that we offer in our pediatric dentist office. To learn more about how we can help your child, call and schedule an appointment today.