Discussing Oral Hygiene with Your Kids: Tips from a Pediatric Dentist

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November 23, 2016
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Bringing your child to our pediatric dentist office twice a year is a great way to ensure your child's oral health. Bi-annual visits allow us to remove the plaque and tartar left behind when brushing on a daily basis. It is important to note that regardless of how old your children are or how diligent they are with their oral hygiene routine, visiting the dentist twice a year is truly the best way to ensure that they have pristine oral health.

In our office, we will conduct a thorough examination and treat any conditions that we identify. We will also go over various ways that you can improve your child's oral hygiene and health at home. We view this as a critical step because we know that the daily habits that your children form will make a significant impact on their health for the rest of their life.

Dentistry with Children

As a pediatric dentist, we understand how to communicate with children and to explain concepts like oral hygiene in ways that they can understand. Children are incredibly smart and they have a natural desire to be helpful and to do the right thing. Once we take the time to explain how important their oral health is and what we require of them, most children are more than happy to accommodate and become a willing partner in their health.

We know that as parents, it can be difficult to get children to do things that are good for them. As a dentist, we tend to have pretty good luck because children want to make sure that we are happy next time they come in for a cleaning and exam. In other words, we can help you to spread the message of why oral health is important and encourage your children to take an active role in it.

Tips You Can Use

When discussing oral hygiene with your children at home there are certain things you can do to make the concepts easier for them to digest. If they're older, in middle or high school, this probably not necessary but for younger children that are anywhere from 3 to 12 years of age, you may need to use these tips so they can truly digest the benefits of taking care of their teeth. Some tips you may want to try include:

#1 Making plaque the bad guy

Children love to play pretend. In many of their games, you will find that there are always heroes and villains. There's always a good kid and a bad kid, a superhero and someone they have to fight against. Why not make plaque their next villain? They can be the superhero in their own story by using their toothbrush and toothpaste to brush all the bad guys down the drain.

#2 Allowing them to be the boss

Your children can be the boss of the germs in their mouth. They can determine if it is time for the germs to go away by simply brushing their teeth. Empower your children and see how quickly they rise to the occasion. They may start brushing several times a day.

#3 Let them choose

Allow your children to select their own toothbrush and toothpaste when you go to the store. This will make them happier to brush.

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