Get Dental Fillings From the Best Pediatric Dentist in Town

December 07, 2015
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Best Pediatric DentistAs the best pediatric dentist in town, we regularly place dental fillings. Our goal is to help our young patients remain in excellent oral health so they don’t need them. To do so, we encourage you to bring your kids to our dental office twice a year. We will examine their teeth and clean them so that any built-up plaque or tartar can be removed. This will help reduce their risk for developing cavities and the need for a filling.

Why are fillings necessary?

Most people associate a dental filling with cavities, and rightfully so. When a cavity forms, it is actually tooth decay we are dealing with. Typically, a tooth is decayed because plaque has built up on it, and that plaque has begun to secrete acid. This acid starts to attack the tooth and initially may cause some irritation but not decay. If it keeps happening or the plaque remains on the teeth, a hole will eventually start to form and the tooth will begin to decay. We need to remove the decayed portion of the tooth in order to prevent it from spreading. Once we do that, a portion of the tooth will be missing. When the tooth structure is not whole, your child can experience discomfort. We solve this by placing a dental filling and restoring the tooth structure.

Other times we place fillings are when a tooth has become slightly chipped or a small amount of enamel is missing. Dental fillings are restorations, so any time a portion of the tooth is gone, we can look to see if a filling is the appropriate solution for making it whole again. When it is not, we can look at dental bonding and dental crowns instead. As the best pediatric dentist in town, we will ensure that whatever restorative solution your child needs, the procedure goes smoothly and the results look natural. We use white or tooth-colored fillings for this very reason. They blend in with the rest of the tooth so no one can tell they ever had a cavity or a filling.

Visit the Best Pediatric Dentist in Town

If your child is complaining of a toothache, visit the best pediatric dentist in town. We will examine them and determine if they are suffering from tooth decay, an infection, or a damaged tooth. We understand that our young patients do not do well when in pain and that going to the dentist can feel intimidating. However, since we work with young patients all day, every day, we know how to help them relax and stay calm so their experience is a positive one. We also know how to perform procedures in a way that is gentle. This is important for making sure your children have a positive experience while receiving dental care and that they are excited to come back on a regular basis. Working together, we can help your child have excellent oral health now and as they grow.