Keep Teeth Strong with Help from a Child Dentist in the Hingham Area

August 31, 2016
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Being a child dentist in the Hingham area, we know many parents spend anxious nights over the health of their children, including their oral health. Part of our job is to work with you in order to make sure you have tools, information, and knowledge to get your child through their childhood without any major dental emergencies.

We know that candy is one of the largest problems parents face today. It's easily accessible, and the allure for children makes it a potent product that parents and dentists have to fight against. The challenge, as parents well know, is that children simply think of how good the candy tastes. They have no concept of the damage being done to their enamel by the sweet and sour component in the candy. If you are able, you should be restricting your children to having candy no more than two times a week. On the other hand, if you are unable to get your child to cut down on their candy consumption, you can actually help protect the teeth by teaching them to rinse them immediately after having a sweet treat. Similarly, it is important that you supervise the tooth brushing habits of your children. As a child dentist in the Hingham area, we know most children consider tooth brushing to be work, which they will rush through without taking the necessary care to ensure that they are getting all their teeth properly cleaned. With proper training and guidance, you can help your child have the oral health care they require to keep their teeth strong.

A few common problems we see among children as a child dentist in the Hingham area includes tooth decay, sensitive teeth, bad breath, grinding of the teeth, thumb-sucking, canker sores, gum disease, wisdom teeth needing to be removed, and orthodontic problems. Each and every one of these problems are caused in a different cycle of a child's life, and if your child habitually comes in to our dentist office, then we will be able to catch these early and treat them while they are still relatively minor.

Among the most vexing problems we face almost on a daily basis as a child dentist is the large amount of tooth decay among children. This is frustrating for us as a children's dentist because caries, or tooth decay, is a perfectly preventable disease. Parents need to understand that cavities are caused by bacteria that live in your mouth and colonize on your children's teeth. Carbohydrate-rich foods, such as candy, cookies, fruit juices, fruit roll-ups, and even chocolate milk, will leave deposits on your teeth, which cause the bacteria to secrete large amounts of acid that eventually cause decay and cavities in the teeth. Similarly, children often get sensitive teeth because the enamel has been worn down, gums have receded, or the teeth may have developed microscopic cracks. As a children's dentist, we have the ability to prescribe the right type of toothpaste if your child has sensitive teeth. However, it is up to you as a parent to help prevent them from getting cavities. The best way to stop a child from getting cavities is to restrict their sugar consumption and to also make sure they are brushing their teeth efficiently and at least two times per day. In addition, you should make it a practice to bring your child to our office regularly.