Make Visiting a Kids’ Dentist for an Orthodontic Evaluation One of Your New Year’s Resolutions

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  • Make Visiting a Kids’ Dentist for an Orthodontic Evaluation One of Your New Year’s Resolutions

Kids DentistAs a kids dentist, we provide young children with early orthodontic treatment and interceptive orthodontics. If you have been watching your child’s teeth develop and are noticing that they are crooked, poorly shaped, have gaps in between them, or that their bite is not coming together appropriately, we encourage you to visit our dental office. With so much going on, scheduling an orthodontic evaluation is easy to miss. We encourage you to change that this year and bring your child in to discuss their smile.

Early Orthodontic Treatment Options

When you visit a kids dentist to discuss interceptive orthodontics, we can provide you with information regarding various treatment plans. Our goal is to examine them early before they would traditionally begin an orthodontics treatment. We can take x-rays and examine them to see what teeth need to come in, if there is enough room for them, and if they are coming in straight. Many young kids have problems with their teeth because they lost baby teeth too early and the surrounding teeth shifted, taking up the space reserved for permanent teeth. Other times, challenges are had because the palate was never big enough to support a full set of permanent teeth. Still, some children suffer from things like an overbite due to sucking their thumb. These are the types of problems we can identify early and potentially treat. Doing so is beneficial to children because it can often prevent further challenges. For example, if we expand the palate before their adult teeth all try to come in, they could grow into the correct position and never require an adjustment.  The key is to start the process early so we recommend bringing them in around the age of six or seven.

Our early orthodontic treatment options include:

  • Spacers. To create more room for their teeth, we may place small metal bands around their teeth. These spacers are comfortable and can create just enough space for teeth to fit next to each other without competing for room.
  • Expanders. This is an incredibly effective treatment because an expander can widen their palate. A key will be used to widen the expander on a daily basis. Slowly, the palate will expand so there is enough room for their existing and future teeth. This solution can also be used while wearing braces, but sometimes wearing it first can prevent the need for future treatments.
  • Retainers. Occasionally, children can benefit from retention. In this case, we will have a retainer created for them to wear.
  • Headgear. To further align the jaw, we may recommend the use of headgear. This is typically used when braces are being worn, but they can also be used as an early treatment option.

To discuss interceptive orthodontics in further detail or to see which early orthodontic treatment options could be best for your child, call and schedule an examination with our dental office. We may recommend one, all, or none of the above procedures. As a kids dentist, our treatment plans are personalized for each patient, and we look forward to helping your child have the best possible smile.