Questions to Ask When Visiting a Pediatric Dentist

April 06, 2017
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The most effective method to ensure that your child's teeth remain healthy is to bring your child to our pediatric dental office on a regular basis. We recommend doing so twice a year to give your child the best opportunity for good oral health. When visiting our office, feel free to ask questions. It is important for parents to understand everything they can about oral health and procedures that a child may need. There is a partnership where parents can contribute to the health of the child and give feedback to our dentist. Here are some questions you may want to ask at the next appointment.

What is going to happen during the exam?

We will be looking for soft spots on the teeth. Soft spots indicate that a cavity is forming. The sooner we identify the soft spots, the more likely it is that we can prevent infection or decay spreading. By providing professional cleanings and examinations twice per year, we can catch cavities in the early stages. Once identified, our pediatric dentist will make a treatment recommendation.

Is fluoride necessary?

Fluoride tends to be a hotly debated topic with parents. In our office, we know that fluoride can be useful in preventing cavities. In fact, some research has shown that cavities can be reduced through the use of in-office fluoride treatments. Given how frequently children suffer from them, this is a significant finding.

We invite questions about fluoride treatment and discussions about its benefits.

Should my child have dental sealants?

This really depends on the ridges on the chewing surfaces of their teeth. If they are particularly deep, food can become trapped there and it is difficult to get out. This can lead to an increased risk of cavities and decay. Placing dental sealants on the surface of the teeth can prevent this by creating a barrier so food never becomes trapped.

Should my child wear a mouthguard?

As a pediatric dentist office, we recommend that children who play sports have a mouthguard created to protect the teeth. Few parents realize how easy it is for teeth to become chipped, cracked or to fall out while playing sports. A mouthguard is a simple and comfortable way to protect teeth by creating a barrier between the teeth and flying objects.

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