Six Myths We Hear as a Dentist for Kids

January 31, 2017
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We are a dentist for kids and love what we do. Treating young patients is a lot of fun and it gives us the opportunity to positively impact their health over a lifetime. After all, the habits one forms early on will influence oral health habits as an adult. We want children to understand the importance of oral hygiene, actively brushing, flossing, visiting the dentist and making healthy choices. Part of this process involves educating our young patients and their parents about oral health. As such, we spend time discussing healthy habits and clearing up myths that promote bad ones. Here are six myths that we routinely hear in our office.

#1. You cannot wear braces until you are 13-years-old

Most people associate braces with early teenage years and for good reason. The teen years are a common time in life for children to wear orthodontics. However, there is a chance that a child will qualify for braces earlier in life. We can examine a child's teeth and determine the best next course of action.

#2. Mouth guards are only necessary for really rough sports

As a dentist for kids, we see children injure a tooth on the playground, during basketball games, while playing soccer and even in gymnastics. If a child plays sports of any kind, he or she may benefit from wearing a mouth guard. We can customize a mouthguard for the child to wear in order to prevent a dental injury such as breaking or knocking out a tooth.

#3. Cavities in baby teeth don't hurt

In reality, a cavity in a child's baby tooth can cause great amounts of pain, regardless of how old the child is. Consider how a child reacts to a bumped knee or a scrape when he or she falls down. A toothache is much worse. Regularly bringing the child to our office will allow us to continue preventative measures toward a cavity-free future.

#4. Younger kids do not need to brush every day

This is a dangerous myth because children of all ages need to brush and floss daily. Otherwise, a child can suffer from tooth decay and infections at a young age, leading to early tooth loss and pain. Since a child is still growing, keeping the teeth in healthy shape will help ensure that the permanent teeth grow in without issues.

#5. Juice is good for teeth

Full of sugar and highly acidic, juice can be bad for a child's teeth. It is far better for them to drink water or milk. If a child loves to drink juice, then parents can try a V8 vegetable juice as a better alternative.

#6. Baby teeth are not important

A child's first set of teeth is critical for developing proper speech patterns, learning to eat properly and for holding a place for permanent teeth. Baby teeth are essential to the child's overall health and need to be kept in good condition.

Bring Your Children to a Dentist for Kids

We invite you to bring your children to our dental office so that we can examine them on a regular basis. We can clean their teeth and treat any oral health problems while they are young so that your child remains in excellent health and does not experience any unnecessary discomfort. You can also call us anytime that you have a question about oral health or have heard a myth that you want to clear up.