Visit a Child Dentist near Hingham and Start Working With the Modern Tooth Fairy

Child DentistWhen it comes to your children's oral health, taking them to a child dentist near the Hingham area on a regular basis is something that should be a top priority. We are pleased to say that most of our patients do an excellent job of visiting our office on a regular basis. This allows us to do things like clean teeth to remove plaque and tartar, treat any infections, and remove decay, along with providing patients with tips and advice on how to maintain healthy teeth at home. We like to think of ourselves as the resident Tooth Fairy helping your children stay healthy while having a good time.

Make It Fun to Care for Teeth

Our experience shows that by making it fun for your child to take care of their teeth, they will be more likely to want to do so. When you visit our dental office, we will have fun with your kids and help them become excited about oral health. It doesn't, however, have to stop there. You can have fun adventures with them at home by using Tooth Fairy magic. Here are a few tips for doing so:

#1 - Ask your children what kind of adventure they want to have.

If you're unsure, find out what type of the adventures your children would want to participate in. Do they want to pretend to be superheroes rescuing teeth from bad guy villains? Do they want to be Doc McStuffins and perform surgery every time they floss their teeth? They can even be fairies helping the Tooth Fairy collect teeth throughout the world. There is no limit to the type or amount of adventures you and your children can have. The focus is on making things fun, so that way, they will want to take care of your teeth on a regular basis.

#2 - Incorporate daily fun into their oral health routine.

As a child dentist, we know that having fun with young kids is easier than you may think. Simply incorporate aspects of their daily adventure into their routine. For example, you can have them go on a rescue mission with the Tooth Fairy to save their teeth from an evil villain. The only way to save their teeth will be to brush and floss.

#3 - Make losing a tooth an exciting affair.

Tooth Fairy magic is on hyper-drive when your child loses a tooth. This can and should be a special occasion. You can do things like having a special Tooth Fairy book that is red on the night they lose a tooth. Have your child pose for a picture with their recently lost tooth and new smile. Play a special movie, tell stories, play games, and have a good time. You can even project fairies onto the ceiling with special night lights and leave them with a small gift at the end of the night. Think of this as a reward for how well they are caring for their teeth.

Visit Our Office near Hingham to Speak With a Child Dentist

As a parent, you don't have to worry about your child's teeth on your own. We are here to partner with you and to help you raise children who have healthy teeth and gums throughout their lifetime. As they say, it takes a village, and we are here to provide you with the support you need to help instill healthy habits your children can embrace. If you are struggling with getting them to brush or floss at home, call her office, and we will work to confirm instruction you are providing them and augment it as necessary.