Visit a Dentist for Children in Cohasset for Space Maintainers

November 02, 2016
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If your child loses a tooth prematurely or needs a tooth extraction, visit our office to speak with a dentist for children in Cohasset. Children are going to naturally lose their baby teeth. Eventually, all of their baby teeth will fall out and permanent adult ones will grow in. However, there is a set time frame for when each of their teeth is supposed to fall out. This is determined by when their permanent teeth are ready to come in.

For example, a child may lose the front teeth around the age of seven and the permanent ones will grow in quickly following the loss. Molars are not ready to fall out until years later. There is a natural order to things, and when your child's teeth come out in that fashion, there will most likely be no issues. However, if your child loses a tooth prematurely due to an accident, infection, or an extraction, then they run the risk of the remaining teeth shifting out of their positions and crowding the reserved space for the permanent tooth. This is one of the reasons that we often recommend space maintainers.

Benefits of Space Maintainers

Space maintainers are made of metal and they hold a spot for a permanent tooth. When space maintainers are in place, the surrounding teeth cannot encroach on that open space. Think of it as someone holding your spot in line. So long as the space maintainer is there, other teeth cannot move into the open space. The benefits of using space maintainers include:

  • Less risk of a crooked smile due to overcrowding
  • Reduced likelihood of needing braces
  • Less chance of needing to pull adult teeth due to overcrowding

As a dentist for children in Cohasset, we often use this simple solution to the benefit of our young patients. If we are performing an extraction, for example, we may put a space maintainer in at that same time. If your child lost a tooth in an accident, we may recommend putting in a space maintainer when you bring your child to our office for a follow-up examination.

Caring for Space Maintainers

If your child does not need to wear space maintainers, you do not need to worry about significant complications. Typically, space maintainers will remain in place as long as necessary. However, your child does need to be careful not to eat anything that is too sticky and may pull on the space maintainers. Eating certain foods can cause the space maintainers to become loose and eventually fall out. For example, a child needs to stay away from Starburst candies, fruit snacks, sugary gum, etc. Otherwise, they can brush and floss like normal without any issues.

Schedule an Appointment with a Dentist for Children in Cohasset

To discuss your child's oral health or to find out how soon their new teeth are expected to come in, call our office and schedule an appointment. If your child has lost a tooth naturally or is old enough that the permanent tooth is coming in relatively quickly, there will be no need to have space maintainers. By visiting our office, we can examine your child and give you a specific recommendation on how to proceed.