Visit a Young Adult Dentist for Sport Injury Prevention

January 06, 2016
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Young Adult DentistAs a young adult dentist, we treat young, active patients. While teeth require the same level of constant preventative care, regardless of age, the needs of our patients do change with age. We find that young children need more assistance learning how to take care of their teeth, brushing and flossing properly. As they age, these habits still need to be cemented but there are additional challenges to consider like how they head to the soda machine in between classes and prefer to snack on M&Ms over cheese or carrot sticks. Still, this is only one of our dental concerns.  Keeping their teeth while playing sports is at the top of our priority list.

Get a Custom Mouthguard from a Young Adult Dentist

The best way for us to prevent dental damage is to have your teen fitted for a mouthguard that can be worn when they practice or play sports. The American Dental Association has reported that hundreds of thousands of young athletes do not suffer dental injuries on an annual basis because they are wearing a mouthguard while playing. Ours are different than what you can buy in the store because they are customized to your exact specifications. What you buy in the store can be of the one-size-fits-all variety, which means they can be uncomfortable and even fall out during play.  Our goal is to provide our young patients with a mouthguard that is so comfortable they do not mind wearing it on a regular basis. Regardless of what type of sports they play, this is highly recommended. Wearing it severely decreases the likelihood of their teeth being knocked out or damaged while playing.

A Young Adult Dentist Can Help Before Sports Season Begins

In addition to wearing a mouthguard, we can help to prevent a dental sports injury by straightening their teeth. If their teeth are crooked and they get hit, there is a chance of their tooth piercing through their lip or face. This can lead to significant bleeding that can be hard to stop. It can also lead to the development of a scar or scar tissue over time. Addressing this problem by straightening their teeth can prevent this type of injury. After examining your child, we will let you know if that is something to further explore. 

We can also help to prevent sports injuries by making sure that your child has clean and healthy teeth.  If their teeth are healthy and free from decay, they will be stronger and better able to resist an impact that could cause damage. Consider a frozen pond in winter. If it is a solid sheet of ice, it can be skated on and even jumped on without cracking and breaking. However, if there is one small crack, simply walking on it can cause the entire sheet of ice to split into pieces. The teeth are similar, in that teeth with decay are already slightly damaged, making them more likely to break when hit with an outside force. We can address this issue by treating tooth decay and infections, restoring the teeth of our young patients to perfect health.