Ways a Children's Dentist Can Keep a Child's Teeth Damage-Free

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July 31, 2017
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Childrens DentistAs a children's dentist, we often prescribe mouth guards for our young patients to wear. As a dentist, we understand that teeth are one of those things that few people think about because they are so durable and typically remain in place over the course of a lifetime. However, protecting the teeth is crucial for oral health and a bright future.

Extra protection for better oral health

It is not until people begin to reach their senior years that tooth loss becomes a major problem. By this point, most seniors accept the fact that they will need some type of tooth replacement solution. However, children should not have to consider this option. Children have their entire life ahead of them and should be able to anticipate their teeth standing up to the journey.

If the teeth sustain damage out on the field or the court, they may need a tooth replacement at a very young age. This is something that we are working to prevent with mouth guards and encourage parents to join us in that effort. Typically, all it takes is ongoing dental care and wearing a mouth guard when necessary.

Benefits of mouth guards

As a children's dentist, we witness how effective a guard can be. Sports injuries are common and all it takes to injure the mouth is a ball colliding with the face or an accidental elbow jab to the jaw. The benefits of wearing a mouth guard include:

#1. They prevent teeth from being chipped or cracked

Teeth can easily chip or crack when colliding with a foreign object or even when one bites down with severe force. Sports like soccer, often lead to confrontations where a ball or elbow accidentally impact the mouth. Wearing a guard can prevent an injury from becoming a serious situation.

#2. Teeth are less likely to fall out

Tooth loss is also a major problem that athletes face. In hockey and football, players wear a mouth guard as a matter of course. However, few people realize that basketball is actually the place where more people suffer a massive tooth injury or tooth loss than any other sport. Basketball has many opportunities for contact and few players wear protection.

#3. The gums and cheeks are protected

The gums and cheeks can also sustain damage by the force of a collision, causing the teeth to bite through them. If a person is wearing a guard, it will protect the more sensitive areas of the mouth from injury. This is particularly important if a child has braces since even the slightest bump can cause the cheeks to become cut against the brackets.

How mouth guards work

We can create a custom mouth guard in our clinic by measuring a child's teeth and mouth and making an impression of them. We will design the guard to the exact specifications of the patients. This way, the mouth guard remains in place even when they are running or jumping.

A child only needs to slip it in place prior to heading out on the field for practice or game. One only needs to rinse it off and place it in a special case in the gym bag. It is that simple.

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