We Are the Best Pediatric Dentist for Kids' Dental Cleaning

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April 21, 2016
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When searching for dental care, visit the best pediatric dentist for kids: us. We enjoy working with children, which is one of the reasons we are the best at what we do. We like getting to know them and helping them understand the importance of oral health and the role they can take to control their health. For example, showing them how to brush and floss properly can be empowering for them and allow them to grow up with healthier and stronger teeth.

When you bring your child in for an appointment, we will do the following:

#1 - Clean their teeth.

This is the first and most important step, because no matter how hard your children try to clean their teeth, they will leave some level of plaque and tartar behind. When they do, it can lead to cavities and decay. By removing plaque as it builds up, we can work to prevent this. We recommend bringing them in for a cleaning twice per year so we can do so.

#2 - Examine them.

We are the best pediatric dentist to examine teeth because our in-depth experience allows us to identify signs of early decay long before a typical cavity is created. Sometimes, we can reverse course with a fluoride treatment, while other times, we will simply remove the small amount of decay and then place a dental filling. Our goal is to treat any issues immediately and while they are small, so our young patients do not have to suffer from any toothaches or discomfort. This is important for helping children develop positive views of dentistry and to avoid any unnecessary negative experiences.

#3- Fluoride treatments.

To prevent cavities, we can give your child a fluoride treatment. This is an incredibly simple treatment since all we have to do is brush fluoride onto the teeth. It remains there for a few minutes and begins to strengthen the enamel. Fluoride is a mineral, which is why it can directly strengthen the teeth. Naturally, the stronger they are, the better able they will be to fight off bacteria causing decay. This treatment works so well, it has been proven to reduce cavities by 30 percent.

#4 - Dental sealant.

One of the reasons we are the best pediatric dentist is because we not only treat our patients' oral health problems, we also work to prevent them. Using dental sealant is one of the ways that we do so. If we notice that your child has deep ridges on the chewing surface of their teeth, we can brush dental sealant onto them. This is a plastic-like substance that will harden in a couple of minutes, and when it does, a barrier will be created that prevents food from touching this area of the teeth and prevents plaque from building up there as well. This results in a reduced risk for cavities.

We want to help your children remain in excellent oral health, so call today to schedule an appointment.