Why We Are the Best Pediatric Dentist in the Area

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January 06, 2016
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Best Pediatric DentistWe are the best pediatric dentist in Hingham, MA because we offer comprehensive dental care to children newborn all the way through college. Our goal is to help our young patients to remain in excellent oral health as they grow so that they can maintain healthy teeth for a lifetime. We understand that habits are formed early and we aim to help your child form good ones. As a dentist for special need children, we have the skills necessary to help ALL children to have a positive experience with dentistry.

Some of the services we offer are:

  • Fluoride treatments. As the best pediatric dentist, we use fluoride treatments to help our young patients avoid getting common cavities and toothaches. When fluoride is applied professionally, the risk of children developing cavities is reduced by 30 percent. This is an incredibly simple treatment that can keep children healthy.  Additionally, we recommend that children brush with a fluoride toothpaste on a daily basis in order to augment the treatment we provide here.
  • Dental sealants.  Another way that we prevent cavities is by applying dental sealants to the chewing surfaces of the teeth.  As a dentist for special need children, we are focused on preventing cavities and the toothaches they cause by applying dental sealants to the teeth. Once this barrier is in place, plaque and acid cannot attack that portion of the teeth. This barrier is incredibly effective for preventing tooth decay and it only takes a couple of minutes per tooth to apply.
  • Pediatric dental sedation. We are the best pediatric dentist because we do not only provide the treatments that children need, but we do so in a way that is gentle and comfortable. We offer pediatric dental sedation because we know that some children have a hard time holding still during a procedure. Others are fearful and need sedation to relax and not experience any discomfort. This is rare.  Not all dentists offer sedation, but we do so that our patients can have a positive experience, regardless of what type of treatments they are getting.
  • Space maintainers. In order to reduce the likelihood of needing braces, we often recommend space maintainers. These are typically used when teeth fall out before the adult or permanent teeth are ready to grow in. The open space that is left tends to become crowded as other teeth begin to move into that space. This can create a challenge when permanent teeth are ready to descend.  Space maintainers are small, convenient, and comfortable. At the same time, they can help to preserve or create needed space in the mouth.

Schedule an Appointment with the Best Pediatric Dentist

Whether you are looking to have your child’s teeth cleaned, their teeth examined, a cavity filled, a dental emergency solved, or preventative care, we encourage you to call our office and schedule an appointment. We can provide your child with fluoride treatments, sealants, space maintainers, pediatric dental sedation and more.