It is a privilege to get to work with such wonderful families in our practice! Take a peek below and see what they have to say about us.


Dr. G and the staff are amazing, patient and kind. I have a son with Autism, he has a very hard time with change, new people and has lots of typical sensory issues associated with kids that have special needs. The whole staff were totally informed & ready for my son. Jack had a great experience and is proud of himself too. I can't thank you all enough for your support.

- From Carey in Marshfield


I am amazed every time we visit how friendly, professional, and competent every single person on the staff is. Everyone is always smiling and helpful. Kelly has worked magic on my daughter, Grace, who used to be terrified of her dental appointments; now she skips in the door with no complaints. You are a super team of people and make coming to the dentist a pleasure! Thank you and keep up the great work!

- From Laurie in Cohasset

Just had to share with you that earlier in the week we were driving along Rt 3A near your office. My son got all excited & happily pointed out the window as he said, " There is Dr. Grazioso's office!" I so appreciate your kindness and understanding throughout the years. Thanks to you he is able to have successful dental visits. He knows you care about him. It really helps that even when he is very anxious you continue to be calm and treat him with patience and respect. And you both share a great sense of humor! You have made a huge difference in our lives.


- From Lauren in Scituate

I can't say enough about South Shore Children's Dentristy. Everything about it says they care about your child individually.
The reception area and exam rooms are fun and kid friendly!
The front desk staff are always very warm and friendly.
And the clinical staff are very patient and gentle.
As a pediatric medical practice, we refer all our patients to Dr. Grazioso's office.
This is the best practice for children with any type of fears, anxieties or special needs.
The clinical staff are very patient and will help children work through their fears and other issues to make going to the dentist a successful and nonthreatening experience.

- From Child & Adolescent Health Specialists in Cohasset, MA

My 3 year old son was very comfortable with all of the staff. Their dental expertise, and knowledge of caring for small children made the process go very smoothly.

- From Natalie in Marshfield

When searching for a children's dentist, we were referred to Dr. Grazioso's practice for their easy going style and friendly staff that make a trip to the dentist fun! We have been a part of this practice for a few years now and my children love to go to the dentist! Thank you Dr. G!

- From Alexis in Hingham

Love, love, love Dr. Grazioso's practice! All the staff there is wonderful!

- From Melissa in Marshfield

Dr. G and her staff are the best. My children were probably two of Dr. G's first patients in Cohasset. We were actually originally commuting into Boston from Prembroke twice a year for the kids' routine checkups because we were from Boston at the time and that's where Dr. G was practicing. We didn't want to leave her and the practice that she was originally with. Then, Dr. G informed us that she was opening her own practice in Cohasset. We followed her to her new practice. We were thrilled that we didn't have to continue to commute. My kids are now 22 and 20 and still go to Dr. G!! They won't leave until she kicks them out. My kids' teeth are healthy and gorgeous thanks to Dr. G. They never miss their routine checkups. Even if they are away at college or studying abroad they still schedule their appointments when they know they will be home. Thank you for the continuous wonderful care you give to my children.

- From Linda in Pembroke

Our 40 year old autistic son was never able to receive quality dental care until five years ago when we were finally referred to Dr. Grazioso. His anxiety was alleviated by Dr. Grazioso's calm manner and infinite patience. She somehow has earned his trust, and is now able to examine him and treat him as needed. She has also kindly answered all of our questions and has helped us to find appropriate dental specialists for our son and our family. We are deeply grateful to Dr. Grazioso and her exceptional staff.

- From Barry in Cohasset

My three children have been with "Dr. G" since she opened her practice. The staff has always been warm, welcoming, and supportive. Our appointments are always prompt and professional. The few "emergencies" we've had over the years have been given immediate priority and the treatment fabulous.

- From Karen in Scituate

We have had such a positive experience at Dr. Grazioso's office. From the time we are greeted by the office staff to the time we check out everyone is kind, friendly and patient. My daughter has had to have frequent, invasive dental work at the office. Dawn, the assistant, has been amazing with my daughter. She explains the procedures and puts her at ease. Dr. G and the whole staff take the fear associated with the dentist out of the equation. They also have the best prize box we've ever seen!

- From Kara in Hingham

My son is 13 now - how the time flies. His first dental cleaning and meeting with Dr. Grazioso was the beginning of our long term relationship with South Shore Children's Dentistry. Our family has since grown to include two other children and they actually enjoy teeth cleaning days! I feel confident that my children are getting the best care in a nurturing environment. The practice is truly a cut above the rest.

- From Dawn in Braintree

What I like about going to Dr. G's dentist is, she never makes it hurt. She makes sure I am comfortable and all of the Dentist girls are nice!

- From Emma (age 8)

The office has always helped me with my twins, one of whom has high functioning autism. I highly recommend coming to Dr. G if your child has any sensory sensitivies. They work with your child. They allow kids to 'preview' and visit the office prior to a visit and are great with working with kids' and parents' schedules. My daughter and son LOVE going to their dentist and beg to go as we head into the doctors' office next door :)

- From Kim

We left our former dentist 'in the rearview mirror' after Dr. G visited my twins' pre-school to educate the children about their oral health. I phoned the office and learned my children could have 'side-by-side appointments' and immediately changed dentists for two appointments at the same time! For nearly eight years, we've come to see the same pleasant staff members at least every six months. I don't know their last names but Anne, Mary, Margaret, Donna and Lisa have been not only professional, but especially kind to my children and to me.

Dr. G always takes time to educate me with regard to the twins' future needs, if any at all, well in advance. For example, we've known for some time that an orthdontic referral was imminent and at our most recent appointment the suggestion was made for an orthodontist nearby my children's school - not the same town in which we live. How thoughtful to consider a mother's time! Dr. G is the consummate professional, who takes time to get to know her patients. She is a mother herself who understands the importance of scheduling time.

It is not surprising to me to see the same familiar faces in her staff that we first saw so many years ago. Dr. G clearly appreciates her staff as much as she does her patients.

- From Brooke in Marshfield

When you enter the office, you are treated politely and kindly. The kids are greeted by a happy, polite hygienist and you know your child is taken care of. Everything is explained and discussed before and after treatment. As a parent, I felt informed and cared for. Thank you South Shore Children's Dentistry!

- From Rachel in Marshfield

When we bring our children in for any type of dental procedure, I feel very comfortable, knowing how well taken care of my children are. The staff at South Shore Children's Dentistry have amazing skills while dealing with children, to the point that the children have very little idea what is actually being accomplished.

- From Mark in Hull

My kids have been going to Dr. G's office for years. They actually look forward to going to the dentist!

- From Carrie in Hingham